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Pariser China-Soak Powdered Destainer - 10 lb. Jugs (4)

Item #: 2213004UPC #: 30117004

Pariser China-Soak Powdered Destainer - 10 lb. Jugs (4) Pariser Industries, Inc 2213004
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About this item

CHINA SOAK is a stable, oxygen bleach based powdered de-stainer for plastic, china, and stainless tableware. Used as a soak product, CHINA SOAK also de-stains coffee urns and can be used for pre-soaking stainless utensils. Product is safer to use than chlorine, which can often pit and degrade plastic glazing.

TO DE-STAIN PLASTIC AND CHINA DINNERWARE: Dissolve two rounded tablespoons of CHINA SOAK per gallon of water. Keep solution hot between 140° - 160°F. Immerse utensils, let soak until stains are removed. Rinse thoroughly in clear water or put them through dish machine.

TO DE-STAIN COFFEE MAKERS: Prepare solution as noted above (two rounded tablespoons per gallon of hot water). Circulate solution through coffee maker until stains disappear (usually for 10 minutes). Flush with clear water.

NOTE: If coffee maker is made of aluminum, dissolve CHINA SOAK in another container first. Allow solution to settle - then pour only the clear solution into coffee maker. Undissolved CHINA SOAK may etch or discolor aluminum.

TO DE-STAIN TEA AND COFFEE DISPENSERS:(Portable Type - Thermal) Flush empty container with clear water. Scrub all parts with a solution of CHINA SOAK ½ to 1 ounce per gallon of hot water. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and invert to air dry.

4 x 10 lb plastic jugs per case

Product specifications

Pariser Industries, Inc
Model Number
43 lbs

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