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Spun-Bound Absorbent Sock (4' x 3")

Item #: 14100002UPC #: M34

Spun-Bound Absorbent Sock (4\' x 3\")  14100002
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Includes: 40 per Box

60 US Gallons | 227 Liters of oil, 60 US Gallons | 227 Liters of water (+/- 5%)
Super Absorbent Flake

Spun-Bound Gray Polymer Fill Absorbent Sock, 3" x 4'

These socks are an excellent product for placing around machinery or in workshop areas to prevent leaks or spills from spreading. These socks are also a key component in any spill kit.

These socks are 4' (1.2 m) in length and three inches (8 cm) in diameter. There are 40 socks in a plain brown box. The socks feature a spun-bond outer sleeve that has a durable heat sealed seam running its entire length. This tube is then filled with a next generation absorbent core that will absorb both oil-based and water-based fluids. The absorbent core is secured into the sleeve at each end with a durable metal clip.

A unique feature of these socks is their ability to contain large quantities of liquids once absorbed.

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