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Booster Plus Alkaline Builder - 5 gal. Pail

Item #: 2415009

Booster Plus Alkaline Builder - 5 gal. Pail Pariser Industries, Inc 2415009
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About this item

For low to moderate hardness water where a heavy duty liquid alkali is needed. Designed for commercial laundries and institutional plants as well. The product contains sodium based alkali additive for extraordinary grease and soil removal as well as water hardness sequestrants. Contains the preferred ingredient known to commercial and industrial laundering for higher titrations and better saponification. Contains a higher alkalinity factor for removal of fats and vegetable oil stains. Effective in water hardness up to 10 grains. Requires no dilution. Functions in high an low temperature and low to medium water hardness environments.

5 Gallon Pail

Product specifications

Pariser Industries, Inc
Model Number
58 lbs

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