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Equipment Manuals

Your cleaning equipment's manuals should be easy to find, right? We think so too. It's easy to lose the physical copies of your manuals, by misplacing them, spilling coffee or other fluids on them, or simply by throwing them away during an unfortunate de-cluttering incident or because you're bold and "don't need it!" No worries, we've got you covered. Your floor sweeper, scrubber, and sweeper/scrubbers' manuals are here and easy to find.

We've posted Parts, Service, and User/Operator manuals for you to have easy access to.


Parts Manuals

Service Manuals

User Manuals


PLEASE NOTE: We're simply making these manuals available for educational purposes, only. You assume any and all responsibility for operating and/or servicing your machine based off the information contained in these manuals. By viewing and/or downloading one or more of the supplied manuals, you agree with the previous statement. Check with your machine's manufacturer for the most up to date manual revisions.


We have very knowledgeable staff when it comes to your parts supply and operator training; regarding your equipment maintenance, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Bortek so we can get one of our professional service technicians out to your location. While there, he'll provide any and all maintenance services your cleaning machine requires. Our technicians are highly trained professionals so you'll know you're in good hands!



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