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Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies | Cleaning, Safety, & Facility Products

Providing your teams with the right tools for doing their job requires all kinds of things. You can be out on a job site or in your facility-- either requires PPE as dictated by your policies. There's also the standard operational supplies anyone needs. Hand soap dispensers, paper towels, toilet paper.. just to name a few of the more obvious items. At Bortek, we work tirelessly to be sure that you're well-supplied and are able to be so with prompt fulfillment and delivery of the items you need to keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently.Cleaning and Janitorial Supplies

As a Bortek customer, you now have the unique opportunity to order all of your supplies through Bortek Shop, a powerful online engine that drives all of your orders, order history and more to one place. Flexibility is always a plus so when it comes to getting the things you need, you can check out as a guest, set up an online account, or apply for a corporate account with the added benefit of custom pricing to keep things simple for your consistent supply of necessities. Between our wide selection of paper products, cleaning & janitorial tools, PPE safety equipment, and every other odd & end you use at your facility, we’ve got you covered.

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