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Chemicals & Detergents | Cleaning & Facility Maintenance Solutions

Like every major part of Bortek, cleaning & maintenance detergents & chemicals are an area that we excel at-- and where you benefit from that! You'll have nothing but the best when it comes to our Chemicals & Detergents. With an extensive product line up and experts on standby, you're ready to effectively tackle any task.Cleaning Chemicals & Detergents

Our chemicals & detergents are used in so many applications that if you need anything, you'll find it here. Floor cleaning, burnishing, stripping, and maintenance? Got you covered. Windows, walls, countertops, dishes, laundry, and restrooms need cleaned? Easy. Is there a super stubborn stain on your floors that bothers you to no end and appears as if it's just sitting there, mocking you? Let's take care of that together. You can click the button below to browse all our categories or click on one of the buttons below that to go right to the line of products you're lookin' for.

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