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Equipment Air, Fuel, Oil, & Solution Filters

While your floor scrubber, sweeper, street sweeper, or vac truck deals with all dirt, grime, and solid debris, make sure your filters are also keeping the small stuff out of the air, oil, cleaning solution, and fuel. These are some of the most regularly replaced parts, and we have the hopper filters, vac filters, and engine filters to keep your equipment running without issue. Whether you've got a Factory Cat, Powerboss, Advance, Tennant, Global, Dulevo or even a sewer jet/vac truck, we have new filters available to order that will fit your equipment.Air Fuel Oil and Solution Filters for Equipment and Engines and Scrub Decks

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Sweeper Brooms


You've swept the dirt and debrist into the hopper, now keep the fine dust from escaping as well. Order bag filters and panel filters for your sweeper. HEPA filtration available!

Scrubber Brushes


Solution filters catch solids in your floor scrubber's cleaning detergent and make sure there are no chunks of debris gumming up the works. Don't forget to clean them!

Scrubber Pads and Pad Drivers


Where there's airflow, there's dust flow. Letting the dust escape is counterproductive, so catch it with a vac filter - even down to 0.3 microns with a HEPA filter!

Sweeper Brooms


Just like any other engine, your heavy duty cleaning equipment engines will periodically need new engine air filters. Engines deserve to breathe fresh air too.

Fuel Filters


For the scrubbers and sweepers that need them, we've got fuel filters to stop any debris that might get into the flow.

Scrubber Pads and Pad Drivers


Regular oil and filter changes are essential for protecting your scrubber or sweeper's engine. Keep it working like a well-oiled machine.

At Bortek, we don't just sell parts and machines, we also service them. Our technicians are factory-trained and specialize in industrial, commercial, and municipal cleaning equipment like floor scrubbers, sweepers, street sweepers, and vac trucks. When asked what the most common causes were for equipment failure, they said it was failing to replace wearable parts and improper use. Filters are one of the most common parts to replace, and they're essential for maximizing your machine's peformance and protecting it from harm.

In many cases of dry sweeping, OSHA regulations require that steps be taken to control carcinogenic silica dust particles. Many of our filters meet or exceed these standards, such as MERV-17 HEPA dust filters, which are capable of filtering 0.3 micron particles at 99% efficiency. It's the law for a reason - letting these particles waft through the air can cause cancer. Make sure you're equipped with the proper filter, and consider using a machine like the Powerboss 9X or Atlas, which offer multi-stage filtration systems.

If you need help finding a filter to match your machine, our parts specialists can help! We maintain our stock of scrubber and sweeper filters and can accommodate any make or model. If you can't find what you're looking for online, give us a call.