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Scrubbber & Sweeper Chassis Components

Chassis components includes a multitude of parts for your equipment. Essentially, all the best parts that work to get the job done. Things like hydraulics, hoppers, scrub decks, squeegee assemblies, steering, tanks, water distribution, etc. that all typically make up the most important parts of your machine. Keeping your machine current and well-maintained has never been easier! So keep on scrubbin'. Keep on dumpin'. Keep on keepin' on. We've got your back and will always work to be sure you're running your operation as effectively and efficiently as possible.Chassis Components Your scrubbers, sweepers, street sweepers, and vac trucks may need a little TLC every now and again and we're here to help. Did an operator run your machine into a wall? Catch the squeegee on a tight corner? Damage the tanks? We've got you covered. Everything from a full-on tank replacement to a little knob on the scrub deck, you finally have a reliable source for all things chassis.

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The main chassis section includes all sorts of things you may need replaced like access doors, plates, bumpers, attachments, arms, etc. that are all over the body of your machine.



When your machine kicks all the dirt and debris in the hopper, you need to be sure there's a hopper with integrity! Look no further for all things hoppers and debris trays.



The hydraulics of your machine provide raw power to use all sorts of functions such as sweeping and raising & dumping your hoppers. Your hydraulics, be sure they're taken care of!

Scrub Decks


The lifeblood of every floor scrubber, here you can find all the components to your scrub deck. You'll be able to ensure you're able to deliver the clean floors you need!

Solution & Recovery Tanks


Just a little important, your scrubbers' tanks need to be intact! Sometimes they need replaced if they've been damaged or start to crack or break and start leaking fluids all over.

Water Distribution Parts


All your water lines (both solution and recovery) are pretty maintenance-free but just in case, you can easily maintain these systems with easy access to the parts you need.



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Your machine brakes are, of course, hugely important. Most cleaning equipment have automatic braking applied when you let off the pedal, that's typically done through the drive motor so there aren't pads or calipers involved. Other, larger, equipment have a dedicated brake pedal that does, however. Like your car, these need replaced over a period of time.

As mentioned above, the main chassis section applies to all things that is your equipment's body. Bumpers, access panels, plating, kits, attachment mounts, arms, drive assemblies-- the list goes on and on. At any rate, you're now reliably supported here with us.

Cleaning equipment and trucks have handles and knobs all over them. Handles for the hopper, handles on your debris trays, knobs on the controls, handles on the hoods, the seats, and so on. These can be beaten up or break, but fortunately, it's easy enough to swap them out with a new set.

Your debris hoppers and trays are pretty rugged and resilient to all kinds of abuse. They can corrode, rust, or be abused to the point where there's not much else to do but replace them on your scrubber and/or sweeper. Smaller machines are a piece of cake to replace the hopper, while larger machines may require a bit more technical expertise. As always, we're happy to assist with that.

The hydraulics are always kinda impressive to see in action. Rugged hoses lead to heavy duty arms that push incredibly heavy loads into their proper place. These are also used in most larger sweepers' sweep system. Daily inspections on these components will always be your best way of nipping any problems in the bud. If any problems do arise, we've got you covered.

Your scrub deck on your equipment is a hugely important part of your floor.. scrubber. I know that sounds a little redundant but it had to be said! You've got actuators, motors, mounts, bolts, electrical components, drivers, etc. all in there that apply its power to the brushes to scrub your floors clean. Should any of these fail due to damage, rust, or any other nature of the beast, we'll get you back up and running.

There's a ton of seals all over your machines. Pretty much everywhere you look, there's a seal. These can wear out in time but are typically easy enough to replace.

A floor scrubber's squeegee assembly is just as important as your scrub deck. It's what lets the squeegees and vacuum do its job and clean up all dirt and water on the floors, ensuring a safe, clean, and dry surface immediately after being scrubbed. It's not easy to break these things but it's possible if you're not paying attention.

When your machine's moving, it's kind of a necessity that you're able to steer the thing. If you feel excessive resistance or a lack of feedback when your steering, that's a sign something's not quite right. Again, these components are pretty simple to fix, should you have to.

Your solution and recovery tanks are pretty rugged and resistant to damage. That said, it's easily possible for too much abuse to lead to cracks, breaks, or other damages. When you see leaking water or dirt on your floors, do a quick once-around your tanks for any visible damages. If you find some, we can always plug any holes or replace the tanks altogether if the issue requires it. You'll be back up and running in no time!

The Water Distribution Systems need to be clear of any clogs, crimps, and obstructions. All your water lines (both solution and recovery) are pretty maintenance-free but just in case something like that happens, you can effortlessly maintain these systems with easy access to the parts you need.