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First in Power Cleaning Equipment®

Effective, efficient, reliable, and flexible equipment is what we're all about! Gotta love having options too. We don't play games here. You deserve the best that this industry has to offer. The best equipment, aftermarket parts & service support, and, most importantly, people. We only provide brands that match our level of quality and the folks that help us accomplish our mission do that and then some! We've consistently provided you with new, reconditioned, and rental cleaning equaipment, hydro excavators, sewer jetting vac trucks, & more. These awesome feats of engineering ensures you can tackle the cleanliness, safety, & functionality of your warehouse, school or college campus, bus station, airport, manufacturing facility, public streets & infrastructure, retail space, etc. Since 1967, we've been providing you with solutions that allow you to effectively accomplish your cleaning, safety & maintenance missions!

Clean your floors with efficiency and power. Our floor scrubbers cut through built-up grime and soil with ease. These compact and maneuverable models are perfect for cleaning & maintaining any facility - providing consistent results.

Sweep dust & debris from your floors with the ease and comfort of a ride-on sweeper. We’ve got indoor and outdoor sweepers – all available to rent. From parking lots to warehouses and factories, there’s a cleaning machine for you.

Perfect for heavy dust, sand, & debris, these heavy-duty street & parking lot sweepers are perfect for cement & silica product plants, foundries, & any facility that needs to manage large amounts of debris to run smoothely.

Our air & hydro excavator vac trucks are perfect for municipalities and construction, utility, and drilling companies, in locating and excavating around buried pipelines and cables.

Clean storm drains, catch basins, sanitary and storm sewers, or perform water leak repair, emergency excavation, and sewer line bypass for sewer repair, relining, or replacement work.

Get the most bang-for-your-buck with Bortek Recon. Each machine has our stamp of approval on them and will do the job as expected. As you work your way up the tiers, the machines also work their way from functional on up to like-new condition. Save today!

Floor Scrubbers & Sweepers, Street & Parking Lot Sweepers, Hydro Excavators, Sewer & Pipeline Jetting & Vac Trucks, Hard Surface Cleaning, and More!

We carry the Best-in-Class Power Cleaning Equipment for the job at hand including street sweepers, floor scrubbers, sweepers, sweeper/scrubbers, burnishers, carpet extractors, industrial and commercial vacuums, and more - all from the top brands. Whether you're cleaning a factory floor, a parking garage, or a hospital hallway, we can help you find the most efficient tool for the job. We also have many machines that are available to rent or buy reconditioned. We'll even help you keep your equipment running with planned maintenance and replacement parts. For quality wearable parts replacements and maintenance on your Scrubber, order online through here or Contact Us for any assistance you may need! Our equipment & parts specialists are always happy to help.

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