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CleanStation® Chemical Management System

Here at Bortek, we create tailored cleaning solutions for your facility. We’ve built an extensive cleaning chemical program that’s even more competent and higher quality than ever before-- all to better serve you. Our CleanStation® Dilution Control system complements that program! Enjoy consistent, simple, and effective cleaning with this system. It’s as easy to set up as it is to operate. Each CleanStation® product is color-coded, keeping training and management of the system simple. It creates the perfect dilution of cleaning chemicals at the push of a button, eliminating operator error and guesswork resulting in wasting chemical. Simplify your cleaning program and save on cleaning costs with CleanStation®!CleanStation Dilution Control- Save Money and Time with Bortek

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CleanStation Dilution Control- Quad Model


The Quad Model epitomizes what CleanStation® is all about. This is the complete cleaning solution system with the ability to fit up to four different cleaning products inside. Easily alternate between chemicals and automatically dilute as desired at the touch of a button. The middle section of the model also connects directly to a water line if you need to simply fill a mop bucket. The quad model is a huge time and money saver to simplify your cleaning program.

CleanStation Dilution Control- SINGLE MODEL


Is the quad model a little more than what you need for your cleaning needs? Then check out this version! The Single Model fits one cleaning product inside and saves you important storage space. This model can be daisy-chained with multiple Single CleanStations if you decide you need more down the road. Flexibility and effectiveness is combined into one!

CleanStation Dilution Control- TRIGGER MODEL


The CleanStation® Trigger Model is simplicity in action. Don’t worry about properly hooking up certain products to certain hoses. This model connects directly to the container and produces the same results as the other models. It is the perfect low-cost solution for easy dilution. A perfect complement to any cleaning program that you have in place at your facility.

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#1 CRYSTAL- Streak-Free Glass Cleaner

CRYSTAL is a concentrated, high quality blend of surfactants and sequestering agents. Formulated to quickly penetrate dust, grease, soil and smoke on all windows and other glass surfaces. Leaves glass with absolutely no residues or streaks. Ideal for use on windows, doors, mirrors, display cases, countertops and windshields. Can be used on all glass surfaces indoors or outdoors, this non-ammoniated formula is safe for use on Plexiglas and tinted windows.

Shop for 528 Phosphate Free Floor Cleaner and Degreaser Dilution Control- CleanStation

#2 FORMULA 528- Phosphate-Free Floor Cleaner

Formula 528 is a concentrated heavy duty cleaner degreaser for use on medium to heavy industrial soils. This low foaming product is formulated to quickly and effectively remove grease, oil, carbon, or any other industrial soil from concrete, machinery, engines, floors, walls, etc. This phosphate free formula is nonflammable.

Shop for Emerald 84 Neutral Floor Cleaner Dilution Control- CleanStation

#3 EMERALD 84- Neutral Floor Cleaner

Emerald 84 is a totally synthetic floor cleaner designed for daily use in any floor maintenance program. It’s slightly acidic pH will not damage the gloss or film of any finish and is effective at neutralizing harsh cleaner residue on the floor. Contains optical brighteners to enhance the beauty of the floor when it dries. Controlled foam makes this product ideal for use in automatic scrubbers. Will dissolve all ice melt and hard water films, and will never leave the floor with a soap haze.

Shop for Starlight Disinfectant and Detergent Dilution Control- CleanStation

#4 STARLIGHT- Neutral Disinfectant & Detergent

Starlight is formulated for use on hard, non-porous inanimate surfaces such as: Counters, stovetops, sinks bathroom/kitchen. Tanning spas/beds, tanning equipment. Shower stalls, shower doors and curtains, bathtubs and glazed tiles, toilets, urinals. Tables, chairs, desks, workstations, washable walls, cabinets, doorknobs. This product's non-dulling formula eliminates the time and labor normally required for rinsing. A potable water rinse is required for food contact surfaces.

Shop for Gentle Breeze Lavender Air Freshener Dilution Control- CleanStation

#5 GENTLE BREEZE- Lavender-Scented Air Freshener

Gentle Breeze is an odor counteractant that instantaneously controls offensive odors and replaces them with a pleasant lavender fragrance. Specially formulated with patented, environmentally preferred odor counteractant technology that entraps airborne malodor molecules fast and effectively. Utilizes PURE USP water that makes it safe to spray on most surfaces not harmed by water and will not leave stains on the sprayed surfaces.


#6 LavFresh- Non-Acid Disinfectant Restroom Cleaner

A ready to use non-acid bathroom cleaner that cleans, deodorizes, and disinfects in one easy step. Ideal for floors, walls, countertops, toilets, urinals, fixtures, or wherever cleanliness and germ and odor control are important. This product is pseudomonacidal, salmonellacidal, fungicidal, and virucidal. Effective against HIV-1 (AIDS Virus).

Shop for Magnifico Multi-Purpose Cleaner for Dilution Control- CleanStation

MAGNIFICO- Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Bortek's Magnifico is a versatile, highly effective cleaner with a pleasant, long-lasting lavender fragrance. It can be applied by spray, mop, sponge, cloth, or floor scrubber.