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Bortek ECO 828 Degreaser

Bortek ECO 828 Degreaser Bortek Industries, Inc. ECO828-P
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Bortek ECO 828 Degreaser - 1 gal Jug (4)
1 gal Jug (4)  $64.00 
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Bortek ECO 828 Degreaser - 55 gal Drum (1)
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Bortek ECO 828 Degreaser

ECO 828 is an extremely effective and environmentally friendly floor degreaser and cleaner. It’s a unique blend of saponifying agents (agents that essentially turn fats/oils into soap) designed to instantly emulsify grease and oily soil. It attacks grease and soils upon contact which makes this solution the ideal product for use with Bortek’s automatic floor scrubbers, pressure washers, the traditional mop and bucket or even spray applications. ECO 828, as a heavy duty, DfE listed, concentrated cleaner & degreaser, is able to remove even the toughest soils. Safe for use on surfaces unharmed by water. Penetrates and dissolves soils for rapid removal. Mild deodorizing scent from natural essence. Easily rinsed.

FOR USE IN AUTOMATIC SCRUBBERS: Dilute 32 to 64 ounces of concentrate (depending on soil conditions) to each 10 gallons of water in the solution tank.
FOR USE IN PRESSURE WASHERS: Adjust spray nozzle to deliver 1 part concentrate to 30-60 parts water depending on soil conditions.
FOR STEAM CLEANING: Dilute 4-6 ounces of concentrate per gallon of water and adjust tank valve according to soil conditions.
MOP OR SPRAY CLEANING: Dilute 1-8 ounces of concentrate per gallon of water depending on soil conditions and apply to surface with mop or sprayer.
FOR SOAK TANKS: Dilute 12 ounces of concentrate per gallon of water.


  Product NameBortek ECO 828 Degreaser
  Brand NameBortek Industries, Inc.


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