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Bortek Royal SR All Purpose Spotter

Item #: I74

Bortek Royal SR All Purpose Spotter Bortek Industries, Inc. I74
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About this item

Includes Twelve, 32 oz. Bottles per Case.

This product is a one-step “all-purpose spotter” and stain remover designed to remove the toughest oil and waterbased stains and spots caused by foods, beverages, petroleum and natural type greases and oils, blood, urine, lipstick, inks and Betadine®. Penetrates and lifts spots and stains in one easy application. No rinse required makes this product a quick fix for high traffic areas. Safe for use on colorfast carpets not affected by water, including nylon, rayon, and other natural and synthetic fibers.

After pre-testing an inconspicuous area for colorfastness, spray spotter directly onto stain. Blot dry with a clean white towel or wet extract. To avoid spreading of spot, always work in towards the center of the treated area. Tough stains may be lightly agitated with a soft brush, bone scraper, clean white towel, or sponge. Some spots, due to age or other factors, may require re-treatment.

Active Ingredients: 25.0 ± 0.5%
Color: Light Yellow
Odor: Mint
pH: 10.0 – 10.5
Viscosity: Water thin
Foam: Low
Petroleum Distillates: None
Chlorinated Solvents: None
Phosphate Content: None
Solubility: Complete with water
Emulsification: Excellent
Detergency: Excellent
Rinsability: Excellent
Storage/Stability: 2 years
Weight per Gallon: 8.56 lbs./gal.
Freeze / Thaw Stability: Keep from freezing

Product specifications

Bortek Industries, Inc.
Model Number
30 lbs