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Combinator 3D Nozzle (8-Jet, 1" Connector)

Item # USB1187
Combinator 3D Nozzle (8-Jet, 1\" Connector) USB-USA USB1187
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Combinator 3D Nozzle (8-Jet, 1" Connector)
The Combinator 3D nozzle produced from hardened stainless steel includes 3D fluid mechanics and two different rear spray angles of 15°/25°. These spray angles are ideal for general pipe cleaning and preventative maintenance work. This nozzle comes standard with one-piece ceramic inserts.

  • Round Pipe, Oval Shaped Pipe
  • 3D Fluid Mechanics
  • Recycle Water Approved
  • Tier 3


  Product NameCombinator 3D Nozzle (8-Jet, 1" Connector)
  Brand NameUSB-USA
  Item #USB1187
  Nozzle TypeCleaning
  Hose Thread (NPT)1"
  GPM (Min)60
  Pipe Diameter (Min)8"
  Pipe Diameter (Max)20"
  Front Jets0
  Radial Jets0
  Rear Jets8
  Product Tier3

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