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Eco-Choice Urinal Floor Mat (Green Apple)

Item #: 40026UPC #: 220206

Eco-Choice Urinal Floor Mat (Green Apple)  40026
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About this item

This item has been superseded by 4011001.
These 22" x 18" Tolco EcoChoice® urinal floor mats protect the floor around the urinal from stains and odors. The mat will absorb moisture and project a fresh green apple scent. Not only will it absorb moisture, but it also eliminates additional cleaning around the urinal. When the mat is saturated, and no longer deodorizing, simply remove and throw out. Replace with a new one to ensure complete cleanliness and deodorization.
  • Non-slip backing & is 1/4" of an inch tall.
  • Protects floors from stains.
  • Reduces the need to mop around fixtures.
  • Makes restroom maintenance easier and faster.
  • Green apple fragrance helps combat odors.
6 Mats per Case

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