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Industrial Cleaning & Municipal Equipment

Effective, efficient, reliable, and flexible equipment is what we're all about! Gotta love having options too. We don't play games here. You deserve the best that this industry has to offer. The best equipment, aftermarket parts & service support, and, most importantly, people. We only provide brands that match our level of quality and the folks that help us accomplish our mission do that and then some! We've consistently provided you with new, reconditioned, and rental cleaning equipment, hydro excavators, sewer jetting vac trucks, & more. These awesome feats of engineering ensures you can tackle the cleanliness, safety, & functionality of your warehouse, school or college campus, bus station, airport, manufacturing facility, public streets & infrastructure, retail space, etc. Since 1967, we've been providing you with solutions that allow you to effectively accomplish your cleaning, safety & maintenance missions!

Please note, "Starting At" prices are estimates, do not account for the machine's available options, and are subject to change without notice. For the best pricing possible, contact us for availability & to lock in a price quote today!

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