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Hammerhead 650RDX Rider Scrubber

Serial #: 114006411

Hammerhead 650RDX Rider Scrubber Hammerhead SN-114006411
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About this item

The HammerHead 650RDX scrubber scours floors efficiently and effectively. The two disc brushes, creating a 28 inch scrubbing path, are equipped with adjustable downward pressure in order to deliver exceptional cleaning results. Engineered with exacting standards, Hammerhead floor cleaning machines are based on best-in-class value, performance, endurance, serviceability, simplicity and ease of operation. The 650RDX is no exceptional to the rule. To minimize its noise disturbance, this rider scrubber cleans quietly at a sound level of less than 70dBA. With its compact design, the HammerHead 650RDX maneuvers easily through doorways and narrow aisles. Plus, Hammerhead machines are easy to drain, clean and operate. When you're looking to get a hold of a machine that keeps your facility in pristine condition, the Hammerhead 650RDX scrubber is the perfect choice. Conveniently designed, effective scrubbing power, and efficient operation allows this cleaning machine to be one of the absolute best choices. It looks great, runs great, and is far more affordable than many other machines in its class without sacrificing on quality!

HammerHead 650RDX Features:

  • Considerably shorter time required to clean the same area versus a walk behind
  • Highest safety for the operator
  • Thanks to extreme user-friendliness, no skilled personnel is required
  • No fatigue for the operator so that higher productivity is ensured
  • Thanks to its extreme simplicity, minimum maintenance is required
  • Excellent cleaning and sanitation results
  • Engineered to cost less than many walk-behind machines
  • Will go most anywhere a walk-behind can go

Product specifications

Model Number
30 Day Parts Warranty*
Scrub Type
Year of Mfg.
Cleaning Path
Operation Type
Power Source
Scrubbing Path

All warranties are intended to protect the customer from repair costs associated with defects in workmanship and materials. Warranties do not cover any part malfunctions or repairs due to abuse, neglect, or misuse of the equipment. Furthermore, warranties do not include "normal" wear parts, routine maintenance, damages due to improper chemicals, or repairs resulting from an unauthorized service provider.

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