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Brushes, Brooms, & Pads for Scrubbers and Sweepers

We carry a variety of brooms, brushes, and pads to fit a variety of machine sizes and suit any type of floor surface. If your equipment isn't performing like it should, the solution might just be the component that's doing all the cleaning. We've got replacement wearable parts for Factory Cat, Powerboss, Hammerhead, Advance, Tennant, and pretty much any brand of industrial or commercial cleaning equipment.Floor Scrubber Brushes, Brooms, and Pads

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Sweeper Brooms


Replace worn brooms for your walk-behind or ride-on sweeper. We even offer street sweeper brooms! Leave no dirt, dust, or debris behind - get to the hopper!

Scrubber Brushes


Deep clean your floors with the proper cylindrical or disc brush. Choose softer, light grit brushes for the more sensitive floors, or crank up the abrasiveness for tougher surfaces like concrete.

Scrubber Pads and Pad Drivers


For floor maintenance, stripping, polishing, etc., try a pad for your scrubber. The abrasiveness level is color-coded to make it easy to choose.

It goes without saying that wearable parts are, by definition, the most frequently replaced parts on your floor scrubber or sweeper. Failing to replace wearable parts is very often the cause of more serious issues down the line. In the case of scrubber brushes and sweeper brooms, these parts constantly make contact with floor surfaces, so it's inevitable that they'll wear out. But they are also one of the most important components of your cleaning equipment, since they are doing the actual cleaning.

But did you know that you can also get better results and protect your floor by using the right kind of brush, broom, or pad for the job? These parts come in a range of strength, referred to as "grit" or "abrasiveness". More abrasive brushes and brooms may offer more intense scrubbing and cleaning, but for floor surfaces that could be damaged by such rough contact, there are softer options. Click the banner below for a guide on which brushes to use on which floors, or give us a call if you aren't sure what you need.

While you likely won't have any trouble with the installation of these common scrubber and sweeper parts, Bortek also offers repair and maintenance services for machines within our service area. You can trust our parts specialists and machine technicians to help you find exactly what you need or bring your cleaning equipment back to its best performance. Contact us - we're here to help.

Scrubber Brush, Pad, and Broom Guide for Floor Types