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Floor Scrubber Squeegees & Skirting

Squeegees are arguably one of the most important parts of a scrubber. Sure, you can scrub the floor with a pad and a layer of solution, but you have a real safety hazard if you don't pick the water back up immediately afterwords. When squeegees get old and worn down (which happens because it is dragged along the floor), they need to be replaced. Smaller machines usually only have rear squeegee, most larger scrubbers have a wrap-around blade that makes sure water stays where it should be and nowhere else.Floor Scrubber Squeegees & Skirting There's nothing quite like a fresh set of squeegees and skirts. Seeing how, as you operate your scrubber, the machine picks up every bit of water on the floor, leaving a shiny, dry streak of floor behind you. It's especially rewarding as you make that perfectly calculated, sharp turn where your squeegees leave nothing behind, no need for a second pass.

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Squeegees are primarily made of three different materials: gum, linatex, and urethane. Gum rubber squeegee blades are the best for hugging the surface of your floor for a perfect fit. These kinds of squeegees are mostly used in shopping malls and other public spaces. They allow for maximum water collection on smooth and tiled floors, leaving them nice and dry for pedestrians. While they might be cheaper than other blades, they are not recommended for oily environments. Gum rubber has a tendency to absorb oil and the blade will begin to lose its shape, becoming incredibly wavy and lowering it's ability to clean.

Linatex blades are typically the best-preforming and longest-lasting blades. In their signature red color and made from premium rubber, Linatex works well with chemicals and won't swell like gum rubber. These squeegees are remarkably flexible for a more consistent seal and water pickup. They are also rip-resistant and incredibly durable for long-term wear. In the mid price range, these blades are the best choice for floors that either aren't smooth or even in an oily environment.

One of the more expensive types of squeegees are those made of urethane. Urethane blades are chemical-resistant and work especially well in industrial environments with oily and/or rough surfaces. Generally opaque, these blades excel when the floors are old or uneven, there are grates, or in environments where the debris is sharp.

Generally, gum squeegees are great for smooth floors, but Linatex and Urethane blades are the best for most other surfaces, with Urethane being the best option all-around.

There are also two different kinds of blades that go onto cleaning machines like what we offer from Factory Cat and PowerBoss. These machines clean by scrubbing the floor with a mix of water and chemical, then rely on squeegees and vacuums to keep the floor dry after the machine passes over it. Just about every floor scrubber has a rear squeegee blade that usually is as wide, if not marginally wider than the advertised cleaning path of the machine itself. This rear scrubber helps the rear vacuum suck up every last drop of water that it can, leaving the path behind dry. The other kind of squeegee that usually only the largest scrubbers and sweeper/scrubbers use wraps around the outside of the cleaning mechanism. This blade helps keep the solution from coming out of the side of the machine when it takes a very sharp turn. Because these machines are so large and can have incredibly tight turning radii, the rear blade needs some help from the side wrap-around blade to make sure all of the water is controlled.