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JetScent Air Freshener, Fresh Eucalyptus - 6 oz (12)

Item #: 1614026UPC #: LS-6900/Z

JetScent Air Freshener, Fresh Eucalyptus - 6 oz (12) Celeste Industries Corp 1614026
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About this item

For lingering odors inside your aircraft, turn to Celeste JETSCENT®. The pump spray air freshener is completely portable and goes to work immediately, neutralizing odors and freshening the air in your aircraft. Whether you're trying to tackle an unpleasant lavatory or need to freshen up the upholstery on a seat that was occupied by an untidy or unwell guest, Celeste JETSCENT® Pump Spray Air Freshener from SkyGeek has you covered.

JetScent is safe to use in enclosed spaces and does not contain any harsh chemicals that can cause irritation. Unlike other spray air fresheners, JetScent doesn't just mask odors, it actively works to eliminate them, so even when the spray wears off, odors won't return. The liquid formula has a pleasant fresh scent when first sprayed, but is not overpowering, so guests can return to treated areas immediately. Celeste JETSCENT® is ideal for use throughout your aircraft and comes in a convenient six-ounce pump style spray bottle. Several fresh scents are available to choose from including lemon grass and eucalyptus.

6 Ounces per Bottle, 12 Bottles per Case

Product specifications

Celeste Industries Corp
Model Number
6 lbs
8 In
6 In
7 In
296 sq ft
Fresh Eucalyptus

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