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Manhole Protection Ring, 19" to 22"

Item #: MPR-75

Manhole Protection Ring, 19\" to 22\" Southland Tools MPR-75
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About this item


Personnel Protection

Individuals being lowered and raised out of manhole openings are protected from the sharp edges of the manhole that can result in personal injury.

Ease & Speed of Use

The efficient design of the MPR is easy to insert and extract from the manhole. It allows individuals working in manholes to begin working immediately with limited set-up time.


The MPR helps is made in the USA from high-quality ABS plastic and is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use.

Equipment Protection

The MPR camera lines, jetter hose, ultraviolet CIPP liners and confined space equipment slide in-and-out of the manhole opening with ease.

Site Identifier

The safety orange color of the MPR clearly identifies the open manhole and reduces the risk of equipment or personnel falling into the open manhole.

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Southland Tools
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