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Wyandotte SaniFect E3 Plus Hand Sanitizer

Item #: 28130105UPC #: 5511

Wyandotte SaniFect E3 Plus Hand Sanitizer  28130105
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About this item

Wyandotte SaniFect E3 is a hand sanitizing compound formulated for use in food processing, food service, and health care facilities. When used regularly with standard hand washing procedures, Wyandotte SaniFect E3 eliminates or significantly reduces resident and transient microorganisms on bare or gloved hands which reduces the risk of cross contamination, hand-to-food and hand-toequipment contamination. Special emollients which are found in Wyandotte SaniFect E3 leave the skin feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized.

1 Gallon per Jug, 4 Jugs per Case

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