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Bortek CleanStation- #5 Gentle Breeze Air Freshener

Item # 115919
Bortek CleanStation- #5 Gentle Breeze Air Freshener Bortek Industries, Inc. 115919
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Bortek CleanStation- #5 Gentle Breeze Air Freshener

For use with CleanStation. Contains: 80 oz. CleanStation Bottles (2)

This concentrated odor counteractant instantaneously controls offensive odors and replaces them with a pleasant lavender fragrance. Specially formulated with patented, environmentally preferred odor counteractant technology that entraps airborne malodor molecules fast and effectively. Utilizes PURE USP water that makes it safe to spray on most surfaces not harmed by water and will not leave stains on the sprayed surfaces.


This product must be diluted before use. See your supervisor or technical sales representative for instructions on dispenser use. Use unheated tap water when diluting product. Dispense diluted product into properly labeled spray bottle. To refresh the air, spray with a fine mist towards ceiling corners. To eliminate odors on fabric or hard surfaces, spray directly on surface.
Dilution: 1:32
Ounces per gallon: 4.0
Yield (Gallons per bottle): 21
pH Concentrate: 7.5-8.5
pH RTU: 6.5-7.5


  Product NameBortek CleanStation- #5 Gentle Breeze Air Freshener
  Brand NameBortek Industries, Inc.
  Item #115919
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