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Disinfection & Sanitation

These floor scrubbers, scrubber/sweepers, and commercial machines are a must and are perfect for quickly, effectively, and efficiently disinfecting and sanitizing your facilities. The Factory Cat Sanitation models and Minuteman Mist-It System are built specifically for that purpose. The PowerBoss Nautilus, which we all know and love, is a heavy duty scrubber/sweeper that now has the added benefit of being able to mount a misting bar on the bumper in order to disinfect areas as you clean your floors. The Minuteman TRS & A3S are just all-around great machines for cleaning restrooms and common areas. Autonomous Scrubbers are great for achieving a clean facility without the need of an operator! All of these machines share the same goal: reduce and remove the risk for infection or diseases. Don’t even give this COVID-19 crap the time of day. Kill it with quality disinfectants and effective cleaning equipment!
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