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Sewer & Excavation Tools & Accessories

While you're out at the job site, it's always great when you brought the right tools for the job at hand. Whether you need to move a manhole, jet a sewer line, or excavate a utility, we've got you covered to be sure you have the right tools ready to rock. Quality selection at affordable prices. We've got you covered for everything you need to accomplish your mission and maintain your diverse sets of tools. Sewer & Excavation Tools Cleaning your sewers is an incredibly important task. Whether there was a breach in the pipe and roots have created a blockage, or tons of sewage has built up over time and cut off the flow, it's never been easier to maintain your sewer systems. We have everything from sewer jetter nozzles to fiberglass poles, camera hooks, and saws. We supply you with tons of different sizes that perfectly complement your sewer jetter vac truck. With the right tools and equipment, you can increase your cleaning speed and effectiveness, all while staying safe on the job site.

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Sewer Nozzles


Partnering with USB-USA, you have access to a wide range of reliable, high-quality, and effective nozzles for your sewer management program. Cleaning has never been better!

Spoons, Scoops, and Shovels


Once you've loosened the debris, you've gotta get it out! What better way to do that than with a spoon! We mean a long one, of course, see for yourselves!

Jet and Vacuum Tools


Make your life easier with handy tools and accessories. Doing your job never had to be hard! Check out what we have to make the task at hand a breeze.

Sewer Jetting Nozzle Accessories


Sometimes you need extra parts for your sewer jetting nozzle like chains, various inserts, and extension skids. Check out what we have!

Manhole Extraction Equipment


From choppers to baskets, gaskets, and hooks, if you have something you need to pick up, odds are you'll find the tool for the task here.

Sewer Rodding


Augers, corkscrews, and more! Check out these tools and accessories that make sewer rodding a breeze, no matter the task at hand!

Sewer & Pipeline Inspection Equipment

Sewers are an integral part of our infrastructure. When debris is making its way through the system, it's bound to get clogged. Power through the blockages and grime with USB-USA sewer nozzles that are of the highest quality and performance. When you need to stock your trucks at the start of any season, look no further than this line.

Once you've scraped everything away from the inside of the pipe, you need to get the debris out so it doesn't get stuck somewhere else in the line. We're assuming you don't want to use your hands, so we are offering several scoops, spoons, and shovels for you to use. Whether you want something incredibly long to reach the far stuff without going too far in, or you really like wooden shovels, we've got just the thing for you. We have several shapes and sizes for most applications.

Just about every job can be made easier. Whether it's a USB-USA Sewer Nozzle, an incredibly long shovel, or any other Jet & Vacuum Tool, it's bound to make work not only faster, but also safer and more efficiently. Need just a tiny bit longer pipe to reach the other side without having to move a truck? We have extensions and skids for that. What about conserving energy and space? Choose a vacuum cap that allows water to flow through and only turn on the vacuum when the basket is full. With tons of life-saving options like these, we are bound to have something you could use!

Blades get dull and nozzles get banged up. That's just how you know that you're doing it right. Just keep in mind that that means that occasionally you need to get new blades, replace other parts from your nozzle, or just replace the entire nozzle. We've got you covered with our wide selection of of nozzles, tools, chains, inserts, and other accessories, we are certain to have what you are looking for!

What good is cleaning if you have no way to remove the debris? Make sure you can get everything out, including your camera, with our broad selection of choppers, baskets, gaskets, and hooks to take just about anything out of the sewer. Can't reach what you need to grab? We also have poles and pole extensions that'll do certainly help you accomplish the job at hand!

Sewer rodding is a mechanical method of cleaning out sewer obstructions. It usually consists of a motor with a circular blade attachment on the front that matches the diameter of the pipe it is in. The head spins at a high speed and chops the obstructions up and clears the pipe that are more-easily washed through the pipe. We sell everything that you might need for sewer rodding, including motors, hoses, engines, and heads. Check out what we have and get rodding.